Our story

A brief history of how we came to be…

In the 1890’s Thomas Grandfield was working as a blacksmith and wagon maker in Over Stowey. As a wagon maker this lead into more general woodworking and carpentry. As was very often the case in those days, the carpenter who made the coffins was also the village funeral director. The business passed to his son George Grandfield and on George’s death to his son Harold George Grandfield.

Grandfield and Son Joinery and Builders Merchant


In 1930, when the Quantock Estate was sold, they purchased seven acres on our current site at Keenthorne and continued as wheelwrights, carpenters and funeral directors.

Geoffrey Grandfield worked with his father for three decades, with a short break for national service, and he took over the business on Harold’s retirement; although Harold still continued to work in the business until his death. Geoff expanded both the carpentry and joinery side of the business, with a purpose built joinery workshop and store.

Present day…

Mark and Sarah are now the fifth generation running the joinery and builders merchant side of the business; continuing the tradition of passing on skills from one generation to the next. We now find ourselves in the privileged position to be working with the fifth, six and seventh generations of families that we first served in the early 20th century.

So well over 100 years later, Grandfield & Son are still operating both the joinery and builders merchants, and the funeral directors. And whilst we no longer manufacture coffins, the businesses still compliment one another well.